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The Web Democracia is a colaborative tool to help brazilian citizens to share information about politicians and make our republic stronger. That's why we decided to allow universities, professionals and curious to explore and find new soluctions and statistics with the anonymised ratings data.


To ensure users' privacy all ratings are anonymized with 100% security. The anonymization technique was total randomization, so that there is no possibility of reverse engineer the IDs.


The file containing the ratings is in CSV format separated by comma. The first column refers to the anonymized user ID, the second column is the politician ID, the third identifies if the user rated positively the politician or not (1 for yes and 0 for no) and the fourth identifies if the user rated negatively or not.

A more complete description of the data can be seen here in this simple analysis with pandas: Web Democracy ratings analysis with Pandas.


Ratings until 28/11/2015: ratings-20151128.csv.gz


Use of the data is completely free and can be used even for commercial purposes. However you must report to the application end user about the source of those data.

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